IUI treatment is safe and successful, yet much caution has to be applied by the patient for conceiving. Fertility clinics in India do follow these norms of caution and thus the results are good.

Many women who are trying to conceive turn to an intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedure as a means of increasing fertility. Such women must know about what is safe for them, what things to avoid doing after IUI, and what can affect their chances of getting pregnant.

Several couples in India are indeed facing infertility problems. For such couples, the intrauterine insemination (IUI) treatment can rather be a beginning point for having a child.

To ensure a successful IUI treatment, the person may have to follow specific precautionary steps. The infertility specialist will rather guide the person on what steps the person needs to take to increase the chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

What should they avoid during intrauterine insemination?

During IUI, a person has to have to be careful about minor things as well. One such thing is to limit one’s exposure to any toxic or harmful radiation. It is rather recommended that after intrauterine insemination therapy, a person needs to avoid exposing oneself to intense sunlight for long periods for one’s protection.

The IUI treatment procedure is safe provided that you do not have any health issues. Nevertheless, to avoid complications, you should avoid certain activities and habits after your IUI procedure. Here is a quick list of what things to avoid after IUI:

Do’s After an IUI Procedure:

These steps may indeed increase one’s chances of a successful pregnancy:

1. Take rest 

The specialist will advise resting for several minutes after they deposit sperm into the woman’s uterus. Even after discharge from the clinic, it is necessary to take complete rest for a few days to avoid any sort of discomfort. It is better to restrict doing any kind of household or work travel. Also, immediately rest if you feel any pain or perhaps anxiety.

2. Eat healthy diet

After the IUI treatment, the doctor will advise the patient to take rest and have a healthy as well as a balanced diet. It would be best if the person tried to stay fit as well as healthy to promote fertilization. Eating a healthy diet will no doubt fulfill all the necessary nutrition that is required for IUI success. To improve the chances of getting pregnant, consuming foods rich in Vitamin D helps.

3. Visit specialist

It is good to assist people by providing hormonal support as well as improving the IUI success rate.

Dos, Don’ts for intrauterine insemination treatmentsDon’t s

Avoiding stress and anxiety

This is good as these health issues negatively IUI treatment. Involving in productive work helps as negative thoughts can be avoided. Do a few light exercises.

Avoid taking painkillers

If in too much pain, consulting the doctor before taking this education helps. Fertility clinics in India are venues of important and valuable information regarding IUI and the precautions to be taken.

Avoid heavy lifting 

Avoid heavy lifting as it may cause cramps and sometimes damage the uterus’ lining.

Avoid swimming

Although the success of an IUI treatment has no direct connection to swimming, it is better to avoid it for 48 hours after insemination.

Avoid handling chemicals and high radiation machines:

Even after pregnancy, it is better to do so.

Less exposure to direct sunlight or heat for long periods

Exposure to this kind of can decreases the chances of pregnancy as well.

Do not smoke or drink 

Smoking, drinking, or drug abuse cause complications, infertility, and affect conception. Even after conceiving, it is good to avoid them as it may lead to deformity or abnormal growth of one’s child.


It is obvious that much care and concern needs to be there for IUI treatment processes.