Fertility clinic India is open to women who are concerned about late pregnancy. It helps to meet fertility experts at IVF hospital in India and clarify nagging doubts about having a baby at 35 years.

Often women feel it is too late for them to get pregnant at 35 and over.

Every woman does desire to have a child after all, and naturally, she would like to have her baby at a later stage due to personal commitments like a profession or spacing childbirth. It is indeed a superb idea to visit a fertility clinic in India and get al the facts required to ensure a healthy baby’s birth at 35 years.

Fertility Facts

It is too late, based on a few statistics, it is not too late to have a child at 35 years.

1. A person still gets her period

Getting regular periods is a good indicator that it is not too late for a woman of that age to get pregnant naturally. If a person still gets a menstrual period every 21 – 35 days then it is a sign that the woman’s hormones are functioning normally.

It implies that estrogen, progesterone, LH, and FSH might rise and fall at the right times and that one’s uterine lining is building as well as shedding itself similar to clockwork.

If so, it is better to get oneself checked up to rule out possible causes.

2. Still Ovulating

Signs of ovulation regularly are good indications that it is not too late for a person to conceive beyond 35. Good egg quality, a thickened uterine lining as well as ovulation are the three main ingredients of healthy fertility.

If not ovulating regularly, suffer anovulation or PCOS, and then there is still a possibility that a person can reverse these symptoms with natural fertility methods.

3. Still Having All Reproductive Organs

Are people aware that a woman’s womb never ages? If all the reproductive organs including a person’s uterus, ovaries as well as fallopian tubes, and a person menstruate and also ovulates regularly, it is not too late for a person to get pregnant naturally.

If all reproductive structures happen to be still intact, the person is fine. It is good to tone up one’s reproductive muscles to sustain a pregnancy, as the older the woman gets, the more she may become less active, which can negatively affect her reproductive organs.

Even if the woman has only one fallopian tube, she can still conceive as her remaining tube does catch the egg released by either ovary. And if the woman has only one ovary, it helps release an egg each month.

If the tubes are blocked due to scar tissue or fluid (hydrosalpinx), for instance, the woman may be able to unblock them with natural fertility methods or even other surgical methods.

If you have all the organs, but the fallopian tubes are tied, It is better to consult the doctor about tubal ligation, or untying one’s tubes.

Can you become pregnant at the age of 35 naturally?

4. Still Healthy

If the woman is generally healthy and in good shape, chances are that it is not too late for pregnancy.

If suffering from a cold as well as flu every other month, the person is not on too many prescription medicines, if she can walk, run, jog, if she does not suffer any sort of chronic debilitating or life-threatening diseases, then she has good chances of getting pregnant over 35.

5. Willing To Improve Diet And Lifestyle

Getting pregnant naturally requires the body to be in good shape to handle a growing fetus. The body must also be able to handle the postpartum phase to nurture herself and the baby afterward.

If smoking or drinking, and deciding to stop it helps to improve pregnancy chances. If not I shape can try light physical exercises such as yoga.


At IVF hospital in India all aspects of infertility can be well understood and bearing a child at the late age of 35 years.